Continental Quality Assurance Agreement

The Supplier (Contractor) hereby warrants that it has all authorizations, licenses and/or authorizations required by current Russian legislation and quality accreditations required by the Buyer (Customer) to fulfill its obligations under this Contract and will take all necessary measures to maintain such quality authorizations, licenses and/or accreditations during the term of the Contract. 33.2. All disputes, disputes and claims arising out of or related to the Contract, including those relating to the performance, modification, performance, breach, termination and validity of this Agreement, shall be settled by the parties through negotiation. If the parties fail to reach an agreement by negotiation within 30 (30) calendar days, a dispute will be settled by the Kaluga Region Arbitral Tribunal. 2.2. With the goods, the supplier provides the buyer with all accessories and associated documents (customs documents, technical passport, quality certificate, certificate of conformity, instructions for use, etc.). 24.7. Compliance with all the provisions of the General Conditions of Purchase of the Continental Public Limited Company and ContiTech AG and its related companies, which are not in part in contradiction with these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and the current legislation of the Russian Federation on the Internet on Delivery contract – the contract concluded between the buyer and the supplier, which consists of the following documents, in order of their priority: the order, the delivery contract with its annexes and these general conditions of purchase.

30.3. The parties acknowledge and accept that these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase apply to all agreements concluded or likely to be concluded between them before the date of execution of these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase, and remain fully in force and effective throughout the period of validity of this Agreement. or until prior termination by the parties….