National Lottery Group Playing Agreement

According to the rules of the National Lottery game, a prize on a winning ticket is payable to one person: this should be, as we suggest, the group manager [make sure that person is very trustworthy]. The manager should write his name and address on the back of the tickets and keep them safe. It is the responsibility of this person to share the profits with the other members of the group. Keep in mind that the winnings must be collected by your supervisor and divided according to your group agreement. Remember: it`s a good idea to decide what you`re going to do if one of the group members can`t pay for a particular draw. Make it clear from the beginning, in case the situation arises. If there is no [written] agreement and the winner of a prize transfers some of it to others, these gifts may attract inheritance tax. If the group members are able to prove that the distribution of the prize was carried out in accordance with a group agreement reached before the profit, there will be no liability for inheritance tax [this effectively means that you need a written agreement. It is important to note that the law and practice of domestic income may change, comments on inheritance tax are based on our understanding of the practice of the Inland Revenue from November 1994 [unfortunately there is nothing else on inheritance tax, for example.B. Is there a personal allowance? What is the tax rate (40%)? etc.]. Your tickets must be kept safely, as they must be priced. It is important that the manager writes his name and address on the tickets. You can make a photocopy of the tickets for each member of your group [hmmm…

If the manager has to do it for every draw, then maybe you shouldn`t trust him first with the job of group manager!]. Each member of the band must be 16 years of age or older to play The National Lottery. We hope these guidelines will be useful [only on – they are more useful with my comments included!]. However, they are given without legal liability on our part and we would advise you to have a lawyer who prepares the form of the agreement [how many people would actually do so, with legal fees that are likely to exceed the earnings of the first year 🙂 ]. Suppose you and nine of your friends (if you have so many) decide to form a group by placing each 1 euro equal. Instead of buying a set of six numbers, you have an equal share of ten sets of numbers, which gives you ten times more chances to win a prize [not strictly correct – this gives you ten times more chances to win the jackpot. There are up to 11 double numbers in the 60 selected numbers]. So if your group won a $2,000,000 jackpot, your share would be $200,000.

It`s a good idea to appoint a manager [much more like!].